Prime Rate Rates
YNCU Prime Rate 3.45%

1-year term deposit

Kick start your 2018 savings plan and your future self will thank you! Take advantage of this limited time special rate for your non-registered or registered investment plan:
GICSpecial (Rates effective 2018-02-12) Rates
1-YEAR: $1,000-19,999 2.10%
1-YEAR: $20,000-99,999 2.15%
1-YEAR: $100,000 and over 2.20%
*Interest rate is annual and payable on maturity. Limited time offer.  Promotional rate subject to change.

We are now able to offer INCREASED DEPOSIT INSURANCE COVERAGE up to $250,000 on eligible non-registered deposits.  Deposit insurance remains UNLIMITED for insurable deposits on registered accounts.  Visit www.dico.com for more information, or download our information brochure.


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