Lines of Credit

Get your day-to-day operating cash flow up to snuff. With a YNCU business line of credit, you will have convenient access to a predetermined amount of cash.

YNCU offers secured lines of credit for businesses which all come at a variable interest rate.

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At YNCU, we want to help you determine what type of loan options will work best for you.

To inquire about a Line of Credit, just call our Business Services department.

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With a YNCU Line of Credit, you only pay interest when you draw on the funds, and you can pay back as little or as much as you want at anytime.

Only a minimum interest payment is required each month, and you determine how much you want to pay back over and above this.

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Enjoy quick and easy access to your funds whenever you need them by simply writing a cheque or withdrawing the funds.

You can also access your Line of Credit through our network of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and at participating merchant locations across Canada anywhere Interac® Direct Payment is accepted.

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Quite often businesses amass a large balance on their credit cards, with a high rate of interest. However, a YNCU Line of Credit offers a great interest rate that can help you save money.

Consolidating your debt and paying off your credit card with a YNCU Line of Credit will mean you will only have one monthly payment at a great interest rate on the collected sum of your debt.

Let YNCU help you achieve your goals. Try our Loan Calculator and discover how much money you can save.

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