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We love supporting small businesses because we are a small business! And we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to spread the importance of keeping it local.

We also know that now more than ever, these small shops need a helping hand. This is how Shop Your Neighbourhood was born – an online marketplace with over 1000 of your favourite local stores, right at your fingertips. Browse virtual shopping districts in your neighbourhood and discover shops you may not have known about. Shop Your Neighbourhood is the go-to directory to find opening hours, access online shopping, and even tip businesses directly.

Help make a real impact – visit and support local!

Want to Be Part of Shop Your Neighbourhood?

Are you a business owner or know of a business that would benefit from a Shop Your Neighbourhood business profile? Shop Your Neighbourhood is completely free to use and offers e-commerce integration to help build your online storefront. Your online profile will allow you to keep your doors open even if the pandemic forces another temporary closure.

Benefits to You:

  • Access to a free online e-commerce platform

  • Reach a new virtual audience

  • Free promotional support through our Instagram account @ShopYourNeighbourhood

  • Support from our team to build and maintain your profile

  • Opportunities for partnerships with us and other local businesses through various campaigns

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Big Lake Cabin

“Big Lake Cabin is a new business and we’re new business members who made the switch to Community First, a division of YNCU after learning about Shop Your Neighbourhood allowed us to take our annual holiday fundraiser, “Dinners for Everyone”, and put it online. Through that we were able to raise over $4000 to sponsor meals for people in need as well as buy groceries for families and Christmas gifts for kids. We’re super excited to have made the switch. As a local business we love the idea of keeping our money local.”