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The Road to our Banking System Integration

In 2016, Community First and Your Neighborhood Credit Union set out on a journey to become one, cohesive credit union. The last leg of our trip is to integrate our banking systems. This step is especially exciting because it means all of our members will be on the same system. With the banking system integration complete, we’ll be able to serve you better at all Community First and Your Neighbourhood locations across Northern and Southwestern Ontario.

We’ll Get There Together

We’re working hard to keep any inconvenience to our members at a minimum. However, there will be some impacts to you during and after the integration. Don’t worry, we’ll be communicating specific details as they become available. But, in the meantime, bookmark this page to refer to for details. And make sure to open all communications that you receive from us via mail or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a banking system integration? Expand/Collapse

All credit unions use specialized software to handle day-to-day transactions. We will be harmonizing our two banking systems to one integrated platform that can seamlessly serve our entire membership.

Why are we changing? Expand/Collapse

In 2016, Community First and Your Neighbourhood Credit Union started down a path to merge our two credit unions. By integrating our two banking systems, we’re unifying our banking platform to serve our members better at all locations.

What will be changing? Expand/Collapse

There will be different impacts depending on which legacy credit union you belonged to. For full details on what will change for you, continue to check back on this page for regular updates.

When is the banking system integration happening? Expand/Collapse

The banking system integration is currently scheduled to take place in early October 2018. Visit our website in early September for confirmation of the final date for the Integration Weekend.

How will members benefit from this change? Expand/Collapse

Once the weekend is over, members will be able to visit any of the 20 branches in our network and experience the same great service they enjoy at their home branch. If members are travelling or have kids at school away from home, staying connected will be seamless. This scheduled technology project will fully amalgamate the organization, simplifying our banking system infrastructure and streamlining our support streams so we can focus more of our time on what matters – to our members!

Will my money be safe? Expand/Collapse

Yes. Our members’ money is our utmost concern. That’s why we’ve had a team of trained professionals working on Integration for the past 18 months. Our team has tested and verified that data will transfer to our new integrated system correctly. For peace of mind, members may want to retain their last statement.

What do I need to do to prepare? Expand/Collapse

We're here to guide you through the banking system integration, so make sure to read all communications from us. Check at any time for the most up-to-date information.

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