Patronage Dividends

You won't see many banks sharing their profits with their customers, but we're not like most banks. When you're a part of Your Neighbourhood Credit Union, you're a member-owner and when we make a profit, you get a piece of it.  The more you bank with us, the more we share with you - it's what sets us apart.

We are pleased to announce that $300,000 in profits will be redistributed to eligible members in the form of patronage dividends on April 4th, 2019!
Since 2005, we have returned $3,080,500 to our members, just for doing business with us. This is one of our core values (sharing the profits) and benefits of banking the credit union way!

The Board declared at the January 2018 meeting that $300,000 in patronage dividends should be distributed to eligible members, based on our financial results in fiscal 2018.

What is a patronage dividend?
A patronage dividend is a share of the profits that the Board, in their sole discretion, may choose to return to the membership on an annual basis. It’s one of the things that makes us different from a bank!

How much is the dividend?
The total amount to be disbursed is decided annually by the Board. This year it is $300,000. The amount paid to each eligible member is based on that member’s business with us, and ranges from a minimum of $2.00 to a maximum of $200.

Why is the payment capped at $200?
By putting a ceiling on the dividend, more members are able to participate in our share the wealth program.

Why is there a minimum of $2.00? We want to reward those members who make us their primary banking institution. Check your dividend account to see what your share is. If you have a question about your dividend, please contact your branch.

There are two kinds of dividends: #1 – patronage dividends, payable to any member who is eligible, and #2 – Class A investment share dividends, payable only to members who hold Class A investment shares.


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