Frequently Asked Questions

What are Alerts? Expand/Collapse

Alerts is a feature available on Online Banking that allows members to receive notifications about events that have occurred in their accounts through email or text message.

Alerts are set up and edited in Online Banking by the member.

How do I receive Alerts? Expand/Collapse

Members can receive alerts by both email and / or text message.

Can I choose to stop receiving Alerts? Expand/Collapse

Yes. Within online banking, you can choose not to receive any Alerts.

  • Sign in to your online banking account.
  • Click on the "Messages and Alerts" tab.
  • Select "Manage Alerts".
  • Under "Active Alerts", select the Alert you would like to remove, then click "Delete".
  • Reconfirm by selecting "Delete Alert".
  • A confirmation note will be displayed indicating you have now successfully unsubscribed from receiving the selected Alert.

Note: If you have more than one Alert set up, you will have to delete alerts individually, one at a time.

Is any personally identifiable information contained? Expand/Collapse

No. Personal and personally identifiable information is not transmitted in the alert message.

How many contacts can I create ? Expand/Collapse

You may create up to three different contacts (mobile phone numbers or email addresses) to receive alerts about activity pertaining to your account.

What action should I take if I receive an Alert? Expand/Collapse

Receiving an alert simply brings a certain banking activity to your attention. If however, you did not perform the banking activity, please contact YNCU immediately.

Is there a charge for using Alerts? Expand/Collapse

There is no charge to members for receiving alerts by email. However, when receiving text message alerts, your wireless carrier may charge. Check with your wireless carrier for details.

Am I guaranteed to receive Alerts sent to me? Expand/Collapse

Alerts cannot be guaranteed to be received because of the potential for an unstable wireless network or internet network in general. These networks are open to service interruptions and you may move out of the service range, which can cause a delay in receiving a test message.

However, you may check the alerts sent to you on the Alerts History page in online banking, which lists all alerts sent within the last 30 days.

Are Alerts available to both Personal and Business members? Expand/Collapse

Yes. All members (both Personal and Business) can utilize this great feature.

Are Alerts subject to a Data Retention Policy? Expand/Collapse

Yes. If you have not logged into online banking within 12 months, your alerts preferences will be deleted as part of our Data Retention Policy, and you will  no longer receive alerts.

However, you can sign back into online banking to sign up to receive alerts once again.


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