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New! Enhanced E-Transfers

Are you ready to send, receive and request money with ease?
Now you can with these *NEW* Enhanced Email Money Transfer features:


The Autodeposit feature allows you to have money sent via Interac e-Transfer automatically deposited directly into your bank account, without having to answer a security question. This feature continues to provide the value of e-Transfers, without the need to share financial information. For senders, there is the added convenience of not needing to convey security answers while continuing to have the security of knowing who is receiving the funds, prior to sending. 

Set-up is simple:

  1. Login to you online or mobile banking and navigate to Autodeposit (found in the Interac e-Transfer settings).
  2. Register your email address and link your account. Any transfers to the registered email address will be automatically deposited into the account.
  3. You will receive an email to confirm your registration. Check your inbox and click "Complete Registration".


Easily request money you are owed with the Interac e-Transfer Request Money feature. When you send a request for money, the recipient is notified instantly and can accept the request. If accepted, the requested amount will be automatically deposited into your account and you will be notified when funds are available. 

Set-up is simple:

  1. Login to your online or mobile banking and navigate to Request Money (found in the Interac e-Transfer settings).
  2. Add or select a contact and fill out the name and e-mail address or mobile phone number of the person you wish to send the request to.
  3. Type in the specified amount you are requesting and select the account you would like the funds to be deposited into. You can also include a personalized message with the request.
  4. Once the recipient has fulfilled your request, funds will immediately be deposited into your bank account and you will be notified immediately.

Interac e-Transfer is a fast, secure, and convenient way for anyone with an email address or mobile phone number and a Canadian bank account to send and receive money.


With Interac e-Transfer, the following features are available on both the desktop and mobile web:

  • Send money
  • Receive money
  • Send email notification
  • Send text message notification
  • Create a recipient instantly
  • View and manage pending transfers

Members are now able to see the Payee or Payer name in the eTransfer Withdrawal or eTransfer Deposit transaction! The Payee or Payer name is displayed in your Transaction History of the Member Direct Account Summary screen.


  • The sender does not need to know the recipient's institution or account information.
  • Interac e-Transfers can take less than 30 minutes to receive (real time transfer), and only involves one transfer and one acceptance. The money can be accessed immediately after the transfer is accepted.
  • The security question protects the sender's transfer from being deposited by unintended recipients.


How your INTERAC® e-Transfer is protected

  • With Interac e-Transfer, your money never actually travels by email or text message.
  • Email and text messages are only used to notify the recipient and to provide instructions on how to deposit the money.
  • Participating financial institutions transfer the funds using established and secure banking procedures.
  • Security measures have been built into the system, including: encryption technology, confidential user IDs and passwords issued by financial institutions, a secure login process, a security question and answer to ensure only the intended recipient receives the money, and 128-bit browser encryption.

How It Works

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Sending/Receiving Limits

Sending limit per Transaction


Sending Weekly Limit $10,000
Sending Monthly Limit $20,000
Receiving limit per Transaction


Receiving Weekly Limit


Receiving Monthly Limit $300,000

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