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If you’re an existing app user and don’t see the new upgrades, visit your app store and ensure that your YNCU app is up-to-date. Performing any available upgrades will give you access to these new and exciting features.

  1. Account Activity - Search and Filter updates – you can now filter or search using predefined date ranges or custom date range. Transactions can also be filtered or searched based on a single amount or an amount range.
  1. Touch ID (iOS) – this feature allows you to login using your already saved fingerprint on your iPhone. When you click on the “Log In” button or any icon on the homepage you will be prompted with a pop up asking you to provide your fingerprint to login. You have 3 attempts to login using your fingerprint. After 3 attempts you will get a message directing you to the password entry page.
  1. 3DTouch menu (iOS only) – With iOS 9, new iPhone model users can now press the Home screen icon to immediately access functionality provided by the app. When the user presses on the app icon 3 options are displayed: 1) Deposit 2) Pay Bills 3) Transfers (quick login can be accomplished using touch ID).
  1. Message Indicator – if there are any unread personal messages then they will be indicated on the home page “Messages” icon with an icon indicating the count of unread messages. Reminders are now moved to the Alerts section under Received tab
  1. Landscape and Portrait for Tablets – This V13 app is optimized for tablets for both Landscape and Portrait mode. A different number of icons display on the first homepage screen, depending which way you are viewing (may need to scroll to 2nd page to see all).

Once logged in you will see:

  • Account balance
  • 15 day account balance graph
  • 5 recent transactions
  • Button for Account Activity


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