Reasons To Join

Why join YNCU? We make banking better.

Here are just some of the reasons to join YNCU:

  1. You own the place – your $5 share makes you a member and an owner!
  2. You share the profits - When the Board declares a dividend, we reward your business with us!
  3. You can help run the place - Your share means you can run for the Board and have a say in how we serve our members
  4. We live and work here – Decisions are made locally, and you’re dealing with someone you know
  5. We’re where you are – we have branches across southwestern Ontario and now in Sault St. Marie and Timmins
  6. Your deposits are insured - $250,000 insurance from DICO on your total deposits, plus UNLIMITED deposit insurance on your registered plans!
  7. 24/7 Banking - Visit any branch or choose your favourite self-serve options: ATM, phone, online
  8. $2,280,500  - We’ve given back more than 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS in dividends to members since 2005
  9. We support your community - Every year we donate a portion of our pre-tax profits to charities and local organization
  10. Over 3.500 ATM locations – Through The Exchange ® Network you can access 1000s of ATMs SURCHARGE-FREE!
  11. Talk to a CFP for free! -  Get free financial planning and investment advice from a professional financial advisor
  12. Be your own broker - Qtrade lets you manage your investments yourself
  13. 1.4 million people do it – More people are learning they can bank the credit union way… 1.4 million people in Ontario alone bank the credit union way!
  14. We take care of Seniors – Every member is eligible for discounts and lots of free benefits and services after their 59th birthday!
  15. Award-winning service – In its best banking awards study, research firm Synovate and Ipsos consistently rank credit unions first for branch service and overall excellence
  16. It adds up! - With some of the most competitive fees around, your everyday banking makes dollars and sense!
  17. It adds up… more! - With some of the most competitive rates around, your savings grow faster and your debt is more manageable!
  18. We put your needs first! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff love to help you! Not sure about something? Just ask us!
  19. Your success is our success – if you're just getting started with your first home, we want to be a part of it. If retirement is in your future, we want to be there for you too.
  20. Account plans for everyone! Under 18, over 59 or any age in between, we have an account package that fits into your life!
  21. You can get it all – personal or business banking? Agricultural loans? Financial planning advice and investments? Debit or credit? Mortgage or personal loan?  If you need it, we've got it – and at very competitive rates too!
  22. Kids really count – We'll work with you to help teach little ones the basics.
  23. We’ll always call you by name -  because that’s what neighbours do
  24. We customize it - we'll sit down and customize a retirement/savings/growth plan to match your goals!

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