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Articles and resources to help you find your way to financial fitness

Financial Literacy Starts Here!

What is financial literacy? It's the skills and knowledge that help you to make informed financial decisions and choose financial products that impact your financial well-being.

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PDF booklets and pamphlets to inform you about fraud prevention, investment options for a sound financial future and more.

Fraud Protection

Every year, Canadians lose millions of dollars to the activities of scammers who bombard us with online, mail, door-to-door and telephone scams.

Learn how to protect yourself!

Smart Online User Tips

Learn more about the wealth of digital, mobile, and online tools to help you manage and protect your finances.

Articles: Stages in your life

Our articles will help keep you informed on financial planning basics at all stages of your life.

Executor Ease Program

Are you the executor of an estate?  Are you prepared?  Acting as an Executor can be a very tough job; many people who accept this role don’t fully understand all the duties, responsibilities and personal liabilities that come with it.

Funeral Plans-Canada

Most of us plan for life’s possibilities; we all need to plan for the inevitable. Take care of tomorrow. Plan now for this inevitable event. Get the information and advice you need. Plan together,with those you love.