Collect together three months worth of receipts and statements from your crediti cards, and credit union or bank accounts. Then download and complete the Net worth and cashflow budgetting sheet and contact us to make an appointment.
Or try the online Net Worth Calculator to learn where you stand financially!

  • Understanding RRSPs (PDF - 879.89 KB)

    This 17-page booklet provides a explanation of Registered Retirement Savings Plans.
Naming Beneficiaries for RSPs
  • Naming Beneficiaries (PDF - 900.01 KB)

    Designating a beneficiary for your RRSP, RRIF and TFSA is an important part of estate planning.
Comparing RRSPs and TFSAs
  • Comparing RRSPs and TFSAs (PDF - 837.23 KB)

    Making the right decisions for your savings takes careful planning.  Canadians are fortunate to have two options for saving:  TFSAs and RRSPs.  This booklet explains the difference.
  • Retirement Income Options (PDF - 1.44 MB)

    This booklet provides information to help you make informed decisions about retirement income.
Investing in RESPs
  • Investing in RESPs (PDF - 724.58 KB)

    This booklet discusses commonly asked questions, and our answers, on Registered Education Savings Plans.
An inspiration toolkit and guide for new homes.
  • New Home Guide (PDF - 1.93 MB)

    A Neighbourhood Welcome Guide to inspire first-timers and seasoned homeowners.
The Budget Book
  • The Budget Book (PDF - 236.95 KB)

    This booklet tells you how to budget - sensibly, painlessly and successfully.
The Credit Book
  • The Credit Book (PDF - 372.19 KB)

    This booklet will explain what choices you have when shopping for personal credit and will help you determine what amount of credit you can realistically afford.
Defend Yourself from Fraud booklet
  • Defend Yourself From Fraud (PDF - 239.94 KB)

    It is important to protect yourself by always being aware and learning how to recognize these dangers.
Financial Frauds and Scams booklet
  • Know who you're dealing with (PDF - 5.37 MB)

    This 2016 reference guide prepared by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police focuses on financial crimes and fraud.
  • Fraud Prevention and YNCU (PDF - 1.92 MB)

    In this pamphlet, learn what YNCU does to combat fraud and what Members should do to help protect themselves.

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