Understanding RRSPs
  • Understanding RRSPs (PDF - 867.00 KB)

    This 17-page booklet provides an explanation of Registered Retirement Savings Plans.
Understanding TFSAs
  • Understanding TFSAs (PDF - 1001.47 KB)

    Information about TFSA eligibility, contribution limits, qualified investments and more.
Comparing RRSPs and TFSAs
  • Comparing RRSPs and TFSAs (PDF - 755.57 KB)

    Making the right decisions for your savings takes careful planning. This document provides some of the basic information you'll want to consider.
Naming Beneficiaries for Registered Savings Plans
  • Naming Beneficiaries (PDF - 789.96 KB)

    Designating a beneficiary for your RRSP, RRIF and TFSA is an important part of estate planning.

Retirement Income options
  • Retirement Income Options (PDF - 1.41 MB)

    This booklet provides information to help you make informed decisions about retirement income.
Planning for your retirement
  • Planning for your retirement (PDF - 509.36 KB)

    General information about how to begin planning, when to start, and determining your financial needs.
 Budgeting Basics booklet
  • Budgeting Basics (PDF - 746.22 KB)

    People who keep track of their expenses often have more money left over at the end of the month. This document covers budgeting basics.
The Credit Book
  • The Credit Book (PDF - 1.00 MB)

    Before making a decision to use credit, there are certain facts you should know. This booklet discusses the smart use of credit.

Net worth and cashflow worksheet
Calculate your net worth and cashflow for the past 3 months, then contact us to make an appointment to review your financial fitness.

Or try this online Net Worth Calculator to learn where you stand financially!
Facts about mortgages booklet
  • Facts about mortgages (PDF - 571.56 KB)

    The purchase of a new home may be the largest investment you make in your lifetime. Read this booklet to obtain facts about mortgages to help you make well-informed decisions.
YNCU New Home Guide
  • New Home Guide (PDF - 1.93 MB)

    A new home guide to inspire first-timers and seasoned homeowners.

Defend yourself from fraud
  • Defend yourself from fraud (PDF - 239.94 KB)

    It's important to protect yourself by always being aware and learning how to recognize these dangers.
Fraud prevention and YNCU
  • Fraud prevention (PDF - 1.92 MB)

    Learn what YNCU does to combat fraud and what Members should do to help protect themselves.
Deposit Insurance Corporate of Ontario
  • How your deposits are protected (PDF - 430.13 KB)

    The Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO) protects insurable deposits held with Ontario credit unions. This pamphlet explains what you need to know.
Settling an Estate
Executor EASE
  • Executor EASE (PDF - 3.52 MB)

    This two-page brochure explains how Concentra Trust can help you in your role as the Executor of an estate and includes information on the Executor Ease program and contact information.

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