On July 1, 2017 we launched our new line-up of chequing and savings accounts. Some of the existing accounts were transitioned to the new accounts.  On May 31 we mailed letters to members whose accounts would be affected by this change.  A copy of this letter is also available in the E-documents, located under the "My Accounts" menu. For more information about the new chequing and savings accounts, view the Everyday Banking page.

If you would like to change your account package, use the link below to access the Change Account Package form.


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GIC SPECIAL up to 2.45%*

* Includes 0.25% bonus for new investment $100,000 or over. Minimum deposit $20,000.
GIC SPECIAL: RSP, RIF, GIC, TFSA (Rates effective 2017-08-10) Rates
16 months: $20,000 and over 2.00%
16 months: $100,000 and over 2.05%
30 months: $20,000 and over 2.15%
30 months: $100,000 and over 2.20%