Executor Ease

Are you an Executor? Are you prepared?

Losing a loved one hurts… Settling their estate doesn’t have to and we can help.

Acting as an Executor can be a very tough job; many people who accept this role don’t fully understand all the duties, responsibilities and personal liabilities that come with it.  As a member of Your Neighbourhood Credit Union, we can help. To make this process easy for you, credit unions like Your Neighbourhood Credit Union have relied on Concentra Trust for nearly 60 years to deliver professional estate administration services throughout Canada.

What is Executor EASE?
Executor EASE is a flexible menu-based program designed to assist you in administering an estate. Through the program, Concentra Trust can provide you with cost-effective support, based on your unique needs, levels of experience and comfort.  Executors are free to choose the service(s) they need assistance with and maintain full control throughout the process. 

How will Executor EASE benefit you?
If you don’t have the time, experience or desire to perform any one or several of the tasks associated with settling an estate, Executor EASE will benefit you. Services in our Executor EASE program are charged on an hourly basis versus a percentage of the probatable assets.  The competitively-priced hourly rate has been set so executors can compare our costs to other service providers. Concentra can help as little or as much as is needed. 

How can I access Executor EASE?
Drop into our branch to discuss Executor EASE with our staff and receive a brochure. You may also contact Concentra Trust directly by phone at 1-800-788-6311 ext 1888 or email to executorease@concentra.ca

  • Executor Ease brochure (PDF - 3.52 MB)

    This two-page brochure explains how Concentra Trust can help you in your role as the Executor of an estate and includes information on the Executor Ease program and contact information.
  • Executor Guide to Estate Administration (PDF - 4.04 MB)

    This comprehensive guide outlining important information you need to know about settling an estate. 

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