Kirby Kangaroo Kids Club

Kids… they’re in a hurry to grow up and do all the things you can do. The KIRBY KANGAROO® Club can help you give your children the financial knowledge they need to get there!

This interactive and fun program educates kids aged 5-12 about saving, spending and budgeting their money, and other important financial topics through stories, games and entertaining activities.  The Kirby Kangaroo® club is FREE and fun!

There is no login required, so you don’t have to worry about online security or unwanted emails, either.

Kids will love KIRBY KANGAROO and best of all, while they’re having fun, they'll be learning good financial management skills!

Kirby WavingWhen it’s time to open an account, bring your child, grandchild, nephew or niece in to one of our branches.  Our kids’ account (currently known as the "Fat Cat" account) pays interest monthly and has no monthly fees!

Visit the Kirby Kangaroo Club website for games, stories, activities and more!

Kirby Kangaroo Club Website


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