MemberCard Debit Card

Interac Flash

In late 2017, YNCU MemberCard debit cards were Interac Flash enabled.  Learn more here about Interac Flash

Using your YNCU MemberCard

With you YNCU MemberCard debit card,you have easy access to your funds at thousands of automated teller machines (ATMs) around the world, and convenient and safe purchases using the Interac® Direct Payment system. 

Access Your Account 24 Hours a Day

Your Member Card Debit Card, together with your personal identification number (PIN) provides access to your credit union account 24 hours a day.

  • Using a YNCU Automated Teller Machines you can:
  • Get cash – up to your daily limit
  • Get your Account Balance
  • Make deposits
  • Pay Bills
  • Get a list of your last 10 transactions
  • Transfer cash between accounts

Direct Payment Convenience

Your Member Card Debit Card puts you in touch with the safest, most effective payment method available to consumers today, the Interac Direct Payment system.  A Member Card Debit Card gives you direct access to your accounts.  Pay for purchases without using cash at any retail location displaying the Interac® Direct Payment sign.

Surcharge Free!

The banks and credit unions on THE EXCHANGE® Network have agreed to never charge each other’s cardholders surcharge fees. You will never pay any additional fees to access your own money even if you use another Financial Institution’s Exchange® ATM. Yes, you still have to pay your normal account fees but that’s it, nothing extra. This truly means that if you a YNCU Member, you can use other bank or credit union ATMs on THE EXCHANGE® network without incurring any surcharges. Just look for THE EXCHANGE® logo at or near the ATM to avoid surcharges.

Deposit Information

Whether you’re in Newfoundland or BC, or anywhere in between, you can use any of the deposit-taking ATMs on THE EXCHANGE® network to make a deposit. Really!    Check out the list of participating Financial institutions, just click here.

You can access thousands of ATMs across Canada and the USA. Check out THE EXCHANGE® ATM Locator.

Going to the United States?

Going south for work or pleasure? Look for THE EXCHANGE® logo at over 265,000 ATMs whenever and wherever you are traveling in the United States.  As a Canadian Exchange cardholder, you can withdraw money from any ATM displaying this logo and the vast majority* of them will be surcharge free to you. Deposits are only allowed at EXCHANGE ATMs in Canada, so if you are going to be away for an extended period and need to deposit to your account, plan ahead and contact your branch to talk about other options available to you.  (*Some state laws may override this network rule and allow surcharging.)

Cross Border Shopping

Now you can pay with your Debit Card wherever you see the ACCEL®logo.  The ACCEL® network in the United States works exactly the same way your debit card purchases work at home.  Your purchases are paid for by swiping your debit card in the retailer’s terminal and verifying the transaction with your confidential PIN.  As an added value to you while traveling within the United States, a cash back option is also available at the majority of merchants.  Just look for the ACCEL® logo at participating US merchants.

*State law may override this Exchange® network rule. 
**Normal account charges still apply.  The Exchange® is a registered trademark licensed for the use in Canada by Ficanex Services Limited Partnership.
®MEMBER CARD is a registered certification mark owned by Credit Union Central of Canada, used under license.
®THE EXCHANGE is a registered Trademark licensed for use in Canada by FICANEX Services Limited Partnership.
®CIRRUS is a registered trademark of MasterCard International used under license.
®ACCEL is a registered trademark owned by Fiserv Inc., licensed for use in Canada by FICANEX Services Limited Partnership.

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