Protect your MemberCard

Tips to protect your debit card and PIN

There are many things you can do to keep your debit card information and PIN out of reach of criminals and prevent debit card fraud from happening to you. Protect your debit card information and PIN (personal identification number) by following these tips:

Keep your PIN safe

  • Use a hard-to-guess number to make up your PIN. Do not use your name, telephone number, date of birth, address or Social Insurance Number.
  • Change your PIN often.
  • Memorize your PIN and never write it down or give it out to anyone, even family members, as you could be held responsible for transactions made by them.

When using your debit card

  • Never lend your debit card and PIN to anyone.
  • Hide the keypad with your hand or body when you are entering your PIN at an ATM or checkout to conceal it from someone who is "shoulder surfing" — looking over your shoulder to learn your PIN.
  • When using your debit card, keep it in sight at all times. A common way to steal debit card information is called "skimming" or "swiping," where thieves pass your card through a device that reads and records the information from the magnetic stripe.
  • Take your debit card and transaction receipt with you when you have completed your transaction.
  • Always check that your bank account transactions match your receipts.

Spending money while travelling

Organize your travel funds well in advance. It’s wise to have a variety of payment methods available, including credit cards, debit cards, and foreign currencies. Note that fewer and fewer establishments accept travellers’ cheques.

Having access to a variety of funds when travelling means you can handle large purchases, and have cash for a taxi to the hotel, tips for your meals, and souvenirs at the local market.

If you don’t have a credit union MasterCard®, ask at your branch about the travel benefits and protection. You can apply for one easily and have it mailed to your home.


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