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Get real-time email or text alerts about your account activity for added security.

By Email, Text Message, or both

The Alerts feature allows you to receive automatic notifications via email, text message, or both, about events that have occurred in your accounts made through online banking.

Log in to your account to sign up for Alerts to stay in the know, wherever you go!

Choose to receive any or all of the below Security Alerts.

Types of Security Alerts:

Online login Expand/Collapse

This alert notifies you anytime an online login into your account occurs.

Online Personal Access Code (PAC) changed Expand/Collapse

This alert notifies you when your online PAC has been changed.

Incorrect answers to security question - account locked Expand/Collapse

This alert notifies you when access to your online banking account has been locked because someone has entered an incorrect answer to your security question exceeding the maximum number of attempts allowed.

New bill payment vendor added Expand/Collapse

This alert notifies you when a new bill payee has been added to your bank account.

INTERACĀ® e-Transfer Recipient Added Expand/Collapse

This alert notifies you when a new Interac e-Transfer recipient has been added.

Other Information & Benefits

How to set up your Alerts Expand/Collapse

  1. Sign in to your online banking account.
  2. Click on the "Messages and Alerts" tab.
  3. Click on "Get Started Today".
  4. Choose "Add Contacts" to manage where you would like alerts sent. This can be either an email address and / or a mobile phone number.
    You will be asked to accept the Alerts Agreement before you can complete your registration.
    Note: If you choose to enter a mobile phone number, you will need to select which carrier you use. A passcode will then be sent via a text message to your mobile phone. The passcode must be entered online to register your mobile phone.
  5. Select "Manage Alerts" and personalize the type of alerts you would like to receive and check off where you'd like to receive them either by email, mobile phone, or both.
  6. Click "Submit" for each individual alert and you are all set!

Added Protection & Security Expand/Collapse

Alerts provide you with more ways to proactively manage your accounts and receive real-time information by allowing you to detect possible fraud quickly and take appropriate action by contacting us.

Sign up for Alerts - It's FREE! Expand/Collapse

While Alerts are free, your mobile carrier may charge you for using browser-related services on your mobile device. Check with your carrier for details.

Have you signed up for Internet Banking yet? Expand/Collapse

To sign up for Alerts, all you need is to be set up for Online Banking. Not signed up to bank online? Just visit one of our YCU branches to sign up and obtain your Personal Access Code (PAC).
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Have Questions?

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the Alerts Frequently Asked Questions section.

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