Step Up Term Deposits

A Step Up Term Deposit is a great option for growing your money at an escalating rate, with the security of knowing your principal is protected.


Enjoy earning a higher interest rate year after year. Rate is subject to change at any time.  Promoted rates are offered for a limited time only.


Terms of 3 years or 5 years are available.  The Step Up Term Deposit may be redeemed on the anniversary date.

Safe and Secure

Deposits are insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario making sure your money is protected.

Interest & Principal Guaranteed

Guaranteed growth and 100% principal protection.


Interest is calculated annually and can be compounded and paid at maturity, or may be paid annually.

Minimum Deposit

$1,000 minimum deposit is required.




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Step Up GIC: Escalating rate, 3 year term (Rates effective 2019-05-13) Rates
1st year 2.00%
2nd Year 2.50%
3rd Year 3.30%
Average Yield 2.60%
Step Up GIC: Escalating rate, 5 year term (Rates effective 2019-05-13) Rates
1st Year 2.00%
2nd Year 2.45%
3rd Year 3.00%
4th Year 3.25%
5th Year 3.30%
Average Yield 2.80%