Investment Shares

2015-16 Dividend Declared by Board of Directors

At the meeting held on January 24, 2017 the Board of Directors declared a dividend of 2.42% be paid to registered shareholders of the Class A, Series 3 to 6*, investment shares.  This dividend was paid on January 25, 2017 in the form of additional Class A shares.  The dividend payment appears in your Class A account on online banking and in your statement for the period ended January 31, 2017.

*Formerly Class B, Series 1-4 investment shares.

What are Investment Shares?

Investment Shares are an exclusive equity investment in Your Neighbourhood Credit Union offered only to our members, providing the ideal opportunity to earn an attractive rate of return.

It’s important to understand that Investment Shares are not deposits - returns are not guaranteed, and the funds are not eligible for deposit insurance. As an equity investment, there is an element of risk, explained in the Offering Statement.

YNCU currently has six series of Class A Investment Shares.

Can I buy Investment Shares? Expand/Collapse

YNCU does not currently have a share offering and therefore cannot sell additional investment shares. However, when an owner redeems their Investment Shares, those shares may be transferred to another member. If you wish to purchase investment shares, ask to be included on the waiting list of Members.

Why were Class B Investment Shares renamed Class A Investment Shares? Expand/Collapse

On April 1, 2016, YNCU merged with Community First Credit Union.  In accordance with the Articles of Amalgamation, the YNCU Class B Shares were renamed as follows:


Prior to April 1, 2016 Effective April 1, 2016
Class B Share, Series 1 Class A Share, Series 3
Class B Share, Series 2 Class A Share, Series 4
Class B Share, Series 3 Class A Share, Series 5
Class B Share, Series 4 Class A Share, Series 6

Dividend Rate History Expand/Collapse

YNCU Investment Shares offer a target annual dividend rate of 1% above the average 5-year GIC rates offered by the top 5 Canadian Chartered Banks. Since the first issue of Class B shares in 1998, dividends have been declared annually by the Board of Directors as follows:

1998 5.10%
1999 6.60%
2000 5.85%
2001 4.61%
2002 4.96%
2003 4.03%
2004 3.84%
2005 3.60%
2006 4.25%
2007 4.60%
2008 4.20%
2009 3.08%
2010 3.10%
2011 2.71%
2012 2.93%
2013 2.99%
2014 2.89%
2015 2.45%
2016 (15 month period) 2.42%

Dividends are paid to shareholders in the form of additional shares.


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