Investment Shares

Investing in Class A Investment Shares strengthens your credit union for the future, provides diversified financial solutions for you, our member and strengthens the local communities we call home.

Investment Shares create a win/win situation for both you and the credit union. For you, they represent an exclusive investment offering a premium floating rate of return, and a chance to invest in your credit union. For Your Neighbourhood Credit Union, they provide an opportunity to increase our capital base, which is a vital funding source for future growth, development and stability.

That's why everyone wins when we grow together with the strength of YNCU Investment Shares.


  • Presents the potential to earn an excellent return, giving members another channel to build personal financial success and inspire financial well-being.
  • Helps the credit union fulfill its vision of growing a financially sustainable organization in the communities it serves.
  • Is an ideal option for members who want to diversify investment portfolios and who are looking for potential to earn an excellent return.
  • Allows you to invest in a variety of investment vehicles from Non-Registered, Registered (RRSP) and Tax-Free Savings Accounts.
  • If you have a long-term investment horizon where access to your funds isn't a primary concern, this is the investment for you. This offer is exclusive to YNCU and Community First members and a great option for a growing investment portfolio.
For information on eligibility, frequently asked questions, and more benefits, click here to check out our brochure.

2017 Dividend Declared by Board of Directors

At the meeting held on January 23, 2018 the Board of Directors declared a dividend of 2.50% be paid to registered shareholders of the Class A investment shares.  This dividend was paid on January 25, 2018 in the form of additional Class A shares.  The dividend payment appears in your Class A Investment Shares account in online banking and in your statement for the period ended January 31, 2018.

Dividend Rate History Expand/Collapse

YNCU Investment Shares offer a target annual dividend rate of 1% above the average 5-year GIC rates offered by the top 5 Canadian Chartered Banks. Since the first issue of Class B shares in 1998, dividends have been declared annually by the Board of Directors as follows:

1998 5.10%
1999 6.60%
2000 5.85%
2001 4.61%
2002 4.96%
2003 4.03%
2004 3.84%
2005 3.60%
2006 4.25%
2007 4.60%
2008 4.20%
2009 3.08%
2010 3.10%
2011 2.71%
2012 2.93%
2013 2.99%
2014 2.89%
2015 2.45%
2016 (15 month period) 2.42%
2017 2.50%

Dividends are paid to shareholders in the form of additional shares.


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