Personal Loans

Pick the Loan for You! With spring and summer approaching, we have the loan you need at the right rate to take care of anything on your wish list. Whether it be home renovations, recreational vehicles, a new car, a special vacation or even debt consolidation – with rates as low as 4.99%, you really can’t go wrong. Our special offer rates are only available until May 31st... click to learn more!

Flexiblility and Competitive Rates

Our personal loans offer flexible terms and competitive rates designed to fit your needs and budget.  A loan for something specific (a vehicle, a boat, a new roof) has a set repayment plan; it means you’ll see your debt reduced every month, and you’ll be debt-free on a certain date.  Consider a personal loan to

  • pay off holiday bills
  • reduce credit card debt
  • make home improvements or renovations
  • purchase a new vehicle

Loan features:

  • competitive fixed or variable rates
  • seasonal specials (check with your branch for details)
  • life, disability, critical illness and loss of employment coverage
  • flexible repayment terms (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly)
  • payroll deduction option

Investment Loans ... perfect for RSP season!

Ask about our special RSP loans with variable or fixed rates as low as PRIME+1%.

If you need regular access to cash for larger purchases, consider a Line of Credit .


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Unsecured Personal Loans Rates
Variable Rate: $2,500-$10,000 Base YNCU P+5% 8.20%
Variable Rate: $10,001-$40,000 Base YNCU P+3% 6.20%
Fixed Rate, 24 month term: Minimum $5,000 8.00%
Fixed Rate, 36 month term: Minimum $5,000 8.50%
Fixed Rate, 48 month term: Minimum $5,000 9.00%
Secured Loans Rates
Variable Rate: $2,500-$10,000 Base YNCU P+3.5% 6.70%
Variable Rate: $10,001-$40,000 Base YNCU P+2.5% 5.70%
Fixed Rate, 24 month term: $2,500-$75,000 6.35%
Fixed Rate, 36 month term: $2,500-$75,000 6.35%
Fixed Rate, 48 month term: $2,500-$75,000 6.85%
Fixed Rate, 60 month term: $2,500-$75,000 7.35%
RSP and Investment Loan: Fixed rate, 1-year term 3.50%
RSP and Investment Loan: Variable rate, YNCU P+1% 4.20%