Feeling a little cramped? Maybe it's time to look at trading up. Experience what YNCU can do to help you make your dream home a reality. 

Our mortgage specialist will work with you to design solutions made to fit your life. You are going to own your dream home one day, so why not make it today? And did we mention we also offer our best chequing account package FREE with all YNCU mortgages? 

The Home Free Chequing Account is automatically included with your YNCU residential mortgage. With this full-service account, you’ll get unlimited transactions and Debit Card Buyer Protection and Extended Warranty. Imagine not paying chequing account fees each month and the savings that could be put to better use in your new home.

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Mortgage Rate Specials*

Product High Ratio Insured Mortgage Conventional Mortgage
Term 5 Years 5 Years
Rates as low as
3.14% 3.29%

*Rates are subject to change, terms and conditions apply.

Check out our mortgage options today, and let us help you find the one that best suits your needs. 

Mortgages (Rates effective 2019-05-13)
1 year 3.44%
2 Years 3.54%
3 years 3.64%
4 Years 3.74%
5 Years 3.84%
7 Years 4.14%
5 years, 1% Cash Back 4.49%
5 years, 3% Cash Back 4.74%
5 years, 4% Cash Back 4.99%
5 years, 5% Cash Back 5.24%
1 Year 5.69%
2 Years 5.99%
3 Years 6.10%
5 Year Shielded - Convertible: YNCU P+0.00% 3.95%
5 Year Shielded Cash Back - Convertible: YNCU P+0.75% 4.70%
5-year Shielded Non-Convertible: YNCU P+.25% 4.20%
5-year Shielded Non-Convertible Cashback: YNCU P+1.0% 4.95%
Meritline Home Equity Line of Credit - YNCU P+1.00% 4.95%
Meritline Home Equity Line of Credit (2nd) - YNCU P+2.25 6.20%

Types of Mortgages

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CHIP Reverse Mortgages

A CHIP Reverse Mortgage is the simple and sensible way to unlock the value in your home and turn it into cash to help you enjoy life on your terms.

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