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Five years ago, Community First Credit Union joined Your Neighbourhood Credit Union, becoming Community First, a Division of YNCU.

Since the amalgamation, YNCU has maintained two separate websites, two online banking platforms, two mobile banking applications and presented as two separate brands as much as possible. Maintaining these two platforms has been achieved, however with the pace of change in digital financial services, it has not been desirable or efficient.

To facilitate these improvements, commencing in 2022, YNCU is planning on delivering all services under one brand. We will be able to realize efficiencies that will make advancements more seamless if we approach them as one entity. Over the next year, you will begin to see the YNCU name on more of our communications, sponsorships, advertising, and signage. We are working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that this transition is smooth. We will communicate with you should there be any member impact, or if any action is necessary on your part.

If you have question or comments, we ask that you email You can also call our Service Excellence Centre at 1-888-413-YNCU. For the latest information on this brand harmonization, bookmark this page. We will be keeping it up to date with the latest FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will continue to be served by the same friendly and knowledgeable staff that you know. Behind the scenes, we have treated our entire team as part of the YNCU family, you’ll just be seeing that externally now.
This change will not close any of our locations in Sault Ste. Marie or Timmins. We will simply be operating all 17 of our locations as YNCU now, instead of 3 Community First locations and 14 YNCU locations. There will be no change to our hours of operation as a result of this unification
We are committed to continued partnerships with these local organizations. We will update signage and other assets as opportunities become available. Eventually, all our partnerships will be known as YNCU.
The Board approved the brand harmonization on November 23, 2021. Members were notified through a letter in January 2022. The unification will be rolled out in phases with continuous communication to keep members and staff informed. We expect all phases to be completed within the next year.
No. You can use your existing cheques until they run out. All new cheques will be branded YNCU.
No. Your Community First, a division of YNCU Member Card will continue to work. If you require a new debit card, it will be branded YNCU.
No. The branch and transit numbers will not change. There will be no need to update electronic funds transfer (EFT) information, including automatic deposits, payroll, and bill payments.
Yes, but not immediately. We are releasing a more modern application in 2022 that will enhance your user experience. This is one of the benefits of the brand unification. All members will need to download our new application, not just Community First members. We will ensure you are communicated with when the new app is available for download.

We are working on making this transition seamless, with as little impact to you as possible. We will communicate with you if any actions are required on your part.

For now, we know that your member number, account numbers, and nicknamed accounts will not be affected.

No. Our partner credit cards with Collabria will still work. In the future, if you need a new credit card, it will be sent to you with our YNCU branding.
Our goal with the brand unification is to offer enhancements to our existing services and new services that meet the needs of our membership. Our products and services have been harmonized with YNCU for quite some time now, but we are going to continue to offer improvements that will be made much more efficient as a result of this unification.
Eventually, you will see all our staff emails change to, but there will be a transition period where emails will be automatically forwarded. There will be no change to phone or fax numbers.
There will be no change to advisors because of the unification. You can still contact your advisor as you always have but note that their email will change to a domain.
Yes, your previous e-statements will still be available in Online Banking.
We are working very hard behind the scenes to minimize any impacts to you. We will communicate with you if there are any changes in your Online Banking environment or if any actions are required on your part.