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It's time to do some Spring cleaning! It's important to keep your contact information current on your membership. You can do this easily and securely within online banking. Click on Profile and Preferences in the while logged in to online banking and choose Change Contact Information to review or update your details. Learn more


Your Neighbourhood Credit Union has added new Increased Authentication features to the login process. These features provide members with an additional layer of protection. Please login to set up the new security features.

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GICSpecial (Rates effective 2018-04-02) Rates
90 Days - Minimum $5,000 2.15%
17 months: $1,000-19,999 2.27%
17 months: $20,000-99,999 2.32%
17 months: $100,000 and over 2.37%
26 months: $1,000-19,999 2.46%
26 months: $20,000-99,999 2.51%
26 months: $100,000 and over 2.56%