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We don’t just talk about being a good neighbour. We live it every day.

We are committed to building better communities. It is one of our guiding principles, and we build community through education, investment, and volunteerism. We firmly believe in staying connected with the neighbourhoods we serve by supporting local programs and forming partnerships with like-minded organizations dedicated to enhancing local well-being and prosperity.


When our communities thrive, so does Your Neighbourhood.

Take a look at YNCU in your community!



SWR + YNCU Community Clean Up

Coldest Night of The Year

Guelph Food Bank

Menno Homes

Windsor Lifeline Outreach

Neighbours Night

Motivate to Skate Woodstock

Motivate to Skate Cambridge

Motivate to Skate Sault Ste. Marie

St. Mary's Hike for Heart

Community Support Connections

Summer Moon


Good Neighbours

Good Neighbours Employee Volunteer Program

Giving back is a shared value between Members and Staff alike. YNCU employees not only strive to put Members first, they also put their neighbourhoods first with personal contributions that enrich their communities. Since the launch of the Good Neighbours Employee Volunteer Program in 2019, over 3700 hours of Staff Members’ personal time was invested back into local causes they’re passionate about. In honour of their volunteerism, Staff designated over $41,000 of YNCU community investment dollars back into local organizations across our service areas.

Do you know a charity in need of volunteers? Complete this form and we’ll match you with a Good Neighbour!

Good Neighbour Fund

In 2022, YNCU established a community investment fund called the YNCU Good Neighbour Fund in partnership with the Ontario Credit Union Foundation. Named after our employee volunteer program, the YNCU Good Neighbour Fund gives to local charities supporting families in need, and health and wellness. More information on the program can be found here.

In 2023 Staff submitted causes they were passionate about, and ten charities were selected to receive a $1000 donation through the Good Neighbour Fund. Learn more about the organizations we supported in 2023!

Anishinaabeg Outreach, Kitchener

Anishnabeg Outreach provides Indigenous people with access to culturally appropriate services and strives to support individuals with direction and assistance to overcome barriers. They encourage individual exploration of avenues that will lead to self-sufficiency and success. From the healing activities they provide to the programs and workshops, YNCU is proud to be supporting their initiatives. 

We encourage you to get involved, open your mind, and be aware of what Indigenous organizations are doing in your community. Click to learn more about Anishnabeg Outreach and to support them in any way you can. 

Hike for Heart, Kitchener

St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing patient care at St. Mary’s General Hospital through the funding of vital equipment and programs. As ambassadors for the hospital, they commit to engaging the community and providing philanthropic support for both the present and future needs of St. Mary’s. 

Visit to learn how you can support this great cause. 

Optimist Club of Shakespeare - Shakespeare Walking Path, Shakespeare

The Optimist Club of Shakespeare is about innovative leadership and services essential to creating an inclusive, thriving, and sustainable community. The Township of Perth East also aims to be an inclusive, thriving, and sustainable community and is committed to maintaining harmony between rural and urban areas and fostering opportunities for current and future generations.

Click to read more about their programs and services. 

Waterloo Region Community Foundation, Black Community Solidarity Fund, Kitchener

The Black Community Solidarity Fund, which is operated by the Waterloo Region Community Foundation, works to increase the sustainability of youth focused and community care projects of the African Community Wellness Initiative (ACWI) and other Black-led organizations in the Waterloo Region. YNCU is proud to be able to support their ongoing efforts and the amazing work they are doing within our community.  

We encourage you to learn more about their services and programs and if able, financially support the outstanding work they do by visiting  

Hope Air, Toronto

Hope Air provides travel support (transportation, accommodations, meals etc.) for Canadian families with financial needs who have to travel (over 3 hours) for medical care. Hope Air supports patients throughout every stage of their journey to wellness with the generous help of their donors, partners and volunteers.

Click to read more about their efforts. 

CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), Toronto

The Gender Identity Clinic at CAMH offers specialty services to both individuals and their primary care practitioners in Ontario with regard to issues related to gender identity and expression, including gender expansive, trans, and non-binary identities. The program offers a comprehensive response to the variety of clinical issues experienced by clients. The clinical team is interdisciplinary and includes social work, psychiatry, and psychology staff with specialized expertise in trauma-informed mental health and addiction care.

Click to read more about the services this clinic offers. 

Sault Ste. Marie YMCA, Sault Ste. Marie 

The YMCA offers a comprehensive childcare program, including full-day care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, enabling parents to pursue education and employment with peace of mind. They also provide before and after-school care programs, creating a stimulating environment for children during those crucial hours. Parents can easily find childcare locations through an embedded map and access a Parent Resource Centre for essential information and resources.

To learn more visit  

Stan Fowler Santa Claus Fund, Schumacher

In collaboration with Moose FM 93.1 Timmins, the Lion’s Club of Timmins conducts a dynamic annual event in early December. This event comprises a heartfelt radiothon and a dedicated mail campaign aimed at garnering support for the Stan Fowler Santa Claus Fund. The funds collected are used exclusively to purchase $125 food vouchers, which are personally delivered to families in need during the Christmas season. The Lions Club, consisting of 32 dedicated active members and supported by numerous volunteers, works tirelessly to make the radiothon and the charitable mission a resounding success.

Learn more about this annual event here. 

Liberty for Youth, Hamilton 

Established in 2003 and sustained by a network of donors, volunteers, partners, and staff, Liberty For Youth (LFY) is a non-profit charity dedicated to serving youth aged 12 to 25 in Hamilton and surrounding areas, including alumni over 25, who are either involved in or at risk of criminal behavior. LFY employs an innovative mentoring approach to facilitate lasting behavioral change by nurturing inner character, cultivating life and leadership skills, and motivating at-risk youth to become valuable community members. The Mentoring Program welcomes disadvantaged, marginalized, and at-risk youth from diverse backgrounds, regardless of faith or ethnicity, facing various social challenges such as poverty, substance abuse, unsafe living conditions, gang involvement, or probation. LFY provides a safe haven where at-risk youth are embraced and supported, regardless of their past mistakes or current struggles.

Visit to learn more about their efforts.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sault Ste Marie, Sault Ste. Marie 

In Canada, many children and youth face significant societal barriers, including challenging living conditions, family violence, mental health risks, school-related difficulties, and identity issues. These circumstances, though unrelated to their intrinsic value or potential, can hinder them from reaching their full capabilities and may lead to ongoing cycles of poverty, crime, or mental health struggles. This not only impacts young individuals but also imposes costs on society. Fortunately, mentorship can play a crucial role in mitigating these risks and helping youth realize their dreams. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, a federation consisting of 108 member agencies operating in over 1,100 communities nationwide, coordinates a network of more than 21,300 volunteers who mentor 41,700+ children and young individuals, providing them with guidance and support to overcome these challenges.

To learn more, visit the Sault Ste. Marie BBBS website here.  



Community Contributions

YNCU is a committed community partner. Investing in our communities through a variety of programs and partnerships is part of how we fuel local growth.

Over the course of 2023, YNCU has presented a series of donations to support local causes that align with our community values and giving themes.


As part of our 2023 commitment to invest profits back into our communities, YNCU made $10,000 donations to select organizations to help them continue offering programs and services to vulnerable groups in our communities.

Waterloo Food Bank

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region plays a pivotal role in the Community Food Assistance Network, a collaborative effort involving over 120 community programs and agency partners. Together, they provide crucial support in the way of meals, shelter, nutrition outreach, counseling, and connections to various support services. A significant portion, 59%, of the food managed and distributed within the network is fresh or frozen, thanks to the fleet of refrigerated trucks and well-equipped storage facilities. Additionally, the Food Bank of Waterloo serves as a trusted source for information on hunger and food insecurity in the Waterloo region; in 2022 they assisted 40,530 people in need.

Waterloo Food Bank

MennoHomes Inc. / Beyond Housing

MennoHomes Inc. is dedicated to constructing quality, affordable rental units across the Waterloo Region to enhance housing accessibility for households with low to moderate incomes; however, their commitment extends beyond mere construction. They aim to foster caring communities where individuals can flourish in safe, comfortable, and affordable homes they take pride in. With origins dating back to the 1990s, the program was conceived by individuals from non-profit organizations deeply engaged in international

relief and community development. This initiative arose from the growing recognition that the need for adequate housing extended not only globally but also in our own neighbourhoods. Driven by a profound belief in housing as a fundamental human right, this conviction transformed into action, leading to the establishment of MennoHomes Inc. in 2001.

Menno Housing

KidsAbility Foundation

KidsAbility supports nearly 14,000 children and youth each year through a blend of virtual and in-person services, helping them achieve their communication, social, physical, and behavioral goals in various settings. They provide holistic, family-centered care from birth to age 21, addressing concerns about whether a formal diagnosis exists or not. The mission is to deliver timely and exceptional services, funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, purchase-service options, and community generosity. Donations are crucial in supporting life-changing therapy, innovative programs, and cutting-edge technology to enable children to reach milestones sooner and fully engage in the community. KidsAbility is committed to creating an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated. Together we can build brighter futures for children, youth, and families.

Kids Ability

Windsor Essex Child/Youth Advocacy Centre

The Windsor Essex Child/Youth Advocacy Centre (WECYAC) serves as a child-centric, secure space where children and youth can share their abuse experiences with a specialized team of professionals, reducing the trauma of multiple disclosures. WECYAC operates through a collaborative partnership involving key organizations, community leaders, and government entities, all dedicated to supporting abused children, youth, and families. Furthermore, WECYAC actively promotes public awareness of child/youth abuse within the community. Committed to equity, diversity, and inclusivity, WECYAC prioritizes creating a safe and accepting environment where individuals of all backgrounds can access their services without fear of harassment, prejudice, or discrimination, further embodying the values of caring, collaboration, commitment, excellence, and integrity.

Police Pal Program

The London Police Pal Program began on May 30th, 1990 as a way to help young children cope with physical and emotional trauma. This community initiative provides a plush German Shepherd toy dog to young children who may have experienced or be experiencing physical and emotional trauma. The dog acts as a way to distract and provide comfort to a child while a Police Officer is responding to a call.

Read more about how YNCU and the Police Pals are comforting children in a time of crisis.


Scholarships & Awards

YNCU is proud to invest in our future generation by supporting the education of post-secondary students who share our community values. 

We understand that achieving your educational goals often comes with financial challenges. We’re proud to support post-secondary students who share our community values by offering scholarships and bursaries in partnership with Ontario Credit Union Foundation, Sault College, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and University of Waterloo. 

Read more about the scholarships and awards we fund in our branch communities.



CU Succeed Youth Bursary

Now accepting applications for the CU Succeed Youth Bursary until June 30, 2024. Click here to Apply Now!

The CU Succeed Youth Bursary was established in 2016 by the Ontario Credit Union Foundation. YNCU supports the Ontario Credit Union Foundation which has awarded $536,000 to 407 students through the bursary program. The bursary is open to resident Ontario post-secondary students in need of financial assistance for academic, technological, or vocational training. The bursary will be awarded based on two criteria –demonstrated financial need, and community involvement. Accepting applications every year from April 30 – June 30.


Sault College, Business Program

The YNCU Good Neighbour Award, valued at $1,000, will be provided to a first-year business student demonstrating scholastic achievement as well as demonstrated community involvement in the Algoma District.


University of Waterloo, Faculty of Arts

YNCU Award, valued at up to $1,000, will be provided annually to a full-time undergraduate student enrolled in Year Two, Three, or Four of any program in the Faculty of Arts. Selection will be based on academic excellence (minimum 75% cumulative average), as well as demonstrated community involvement in the Region of Waterloo. Interested students should submit an application by February 15.