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Simple payroll software built just for small businesses.

Wagepoint is a small-but-mighty fintech company on a mission to simplify payroll – and maybe even make it delightful! Our online software was created just for small businesses, automating the most “ugh” parts of payroll – like calculating wages and reporting on taxes – so that our customers can get back to doing, well, literally anything else. Backed by the world’s friendliest team, Wagepoint is always supportive, never stuffy and refreshingly human. Founded in 2012, we make payroll magic happen for more than 25,000 small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers across Canada.

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Pay your employees and contractors.

Dive right in with everything you need:

  • Send money directly to your employees’ bank accounts. (Up to 4!)
  • Let employees enter their personal profile details with the self-onboarding option.
  • Give everyone online access to their pay details and year-end forms.
  • Breathe easy, knowing your remittances are always on time.
  • Create and submit Records of Employment (ROEs) via Secure Automated Transfer (SAT).

Automate withholding taxes, contributions and compliance for:

  • Federal and provincial/territorial income tax.
  • Employment Insurance (EI).
  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP).
  • Provincial and territorial taxes such as EHT.
  • Year-end T4s/T4As and reporting.
  • Put payroll taxes on cruise control.

Take control of managing payroll.

Step up your payroll management game with:

  • User roles you control so your team accesses only what they need to.
  • Custom reports and filtering options to see the details you want, when you want.
  • Effective dating for mid-cycle wage changes to tax rates, remittance frequencies and employee statuses.
  • Payroll and year-to-date adjustments at your fingertips, ensuring your records are always up to date.

So long, math stress!

Lower the risk of costly mistakes with automated calculations for:

  • Incomes — Overtime, bonuses, commissions, stat holiday pay and more.
  • Deductions — Savings plan contributions, health insurance and more.
  • Benefits — Medical, dental, life insurance and more.
  • Paid time off — Public holidays, vacation, sick time and more.
  • Workers’ Compensation (WCB/WSIB)

Get back to doing literally anything else.

We’ll focus on the payroll so you can focus on your small business, knowing:

  • Everyone has been paid accurately and on time.
  • Your business is compliant with its taxes.
  • You're on top of payroll deadlines with a custom payroll calendar.
  • Your time can be spent doing the things you love most (aka not payroll)!

Your Neighbourhood Credit Union Member Perks.

  • Re-focused time and energy. This sort of thing tends to happen when you know you’ve paid everyone accurately and on time.
  • Support from the world’s friendliest team. No bots. Just a group of in-house Canadian payroll specialists here to make everyone’s life a lot easier, eh!
  • Member-exclusive pricing. Yup, Your Neighbourhood small business members get to enjoy special pricing.

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