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Responsible Investments

Isn’t it about time you rethink where you’re investing your money?

Grow your money with companies that share your views on social and environmental issues. These products are available for limited time periods through 3 and 5 year term Market-Linked GICs.

Start investing with YNCU today.

Responsible Investing is not only financially beneficial but it also helps investors contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes by providing capital to corporate sustainability leaders. It also uses shareholder engagement to increase the representation of women on boards, reduce the CEO pay gap, and achieve many other objectives related to corporate responsibility.

Our current funds feature a number of trailblazing companies making strides in ethical investing.

Diversity Series

This fund is comprised of 20 companies operating worldwide from a variety of economic sectors. Each company has been carefully chosen based on the level of gender diversity in their board of directors. Click here for more details on our Guaranteed Investment – Diversity Series.


$1,000 or more

3 Year Term

Earn up to 9.14% annually

5 Year Term

Earn up to 9.16% annually


Green Neighbourhoods

20 international companies make up this fund, representing a variety of economic sectors, including renewable energies. These companies have been carefully selected for their commitment to the environment and the initiatives they implemented to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Click here for more details on our Green Neighbourhoods Guaranteed Investment.


$1,000 or more

3 Year Term

Earn up to 6.41% annually

5 Year Term

Earn up to 7.71% annually


What is a Market-Linked GIC?

A Market Linked GIC (MLGIC) is a unique investment product that offers principal protection at maturity and return linked to various underlying assets including equities, fixed income, commodities and mutual funds. Features include:

  • Capital 100% guaranteed at maturity

  • Higher potential return through access to financial markets

  • Protection against currency risk

  • Protected by deposit insurance from FSRA

Market-Linked GICs are considered a qualified investment and can be held in an RRSP. Learn more about the savings benefits of our Registered Retirement Savings Plans.


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