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YNCU Wealth

A financial planning platform that's built around you.

Whether it’s starting a family, owning a home, running a successful business, or developing a plan for retirement, everyone defines wealth differently. So why doesn’t your bank? At YNCU, we take a modern approach. We look at the whole picture and build long-term relationships with our members so we can provide cutting edge and customized growth strategies that actually work.

Honesty is the best (and most successful) policy. That’s why we present customized solutions that meet your ever-changing needs in a refreshingly honest way. At the end of the day, we grow when you grow, so our success isn’t hidden from our members—it’s shared with them.

To learn more about how we can help, choose the option that best represents your investment style today.

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Full-Service Brokerage

More than just asset management. It's personalized service.

Online Brokerage

Take control of your financial future.

Investment Products

Investing made simple. Results made real.