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Getting Hands on With Investing

You’re the boss. We’re just here to help.

Like a good sidekick, we’re here to advise, optimize, and keep an eye on the details. You’re completely in charge of the decisions around your money and we’re in charge of ensuring those are the best possible decisions, without stepping on your toes or charging for services you didn’t ask for.

We think getting involved and getting smarter with your money is a good thing, and it’s about time you were rewarded for it.

Become a New Neighbour

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Get a clear sense of your finances, all in one place. A full financial picture makes it easy to line up your goals and analyze your accounts to find high fees, idle cash, and out of line holdings. Hands-on investing has never been easier.
Two heads are better than one. We’ll review your investments and keep an eye out for you, optimizing your investments to protect you from market volatility and tax implications while taking advantage of all possible tax benefits.
Presenting brilliant banking decisions, starring you. Stay connected with an online portfolio directed by yours truly. Invest, build, and monitor your holdings, and even access market info with our online investing partner Qtrade Direct Investing™. Keep your wealth within reach, wherever and whenever you need it.

Step 1

Discovery & Analysis

Start with one of our dedicated wealth advisors. At YNCU, we believe in building long-relationships with our members so we get to know not just your investments, but the things that matter to you: your family, hobbies, career, and life goals. 

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Step 2

Create Goals

Once we've got the full picture, we can work together to start establishing goals which reflect you and your unique finanical concerns and objectives. 

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Step 3

Flexible Client-Centred Solutions

We may not be richer than you think, but we do have a wealth of experience in creating successful plans to achieve our members' objectives. We'll put that experience to work for you, offering access to professional investment tools (like Qtrade, or our online sustainable investment platform, Qtrade Direct Investing™) and advice to help you build and manage your portfolio your way. 

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Step 4

Monitor, Report, Optimize

Once we've set you on your path, we'll make sure you get where you need to go with ongoing monitoring, assessments, and optimizations. We skip the jargon and bureaucratic process to report back clearly and regularly, so you can relax knowing we're keeping an eye out and making it easier than ever to maximize your return and achieve your goals. 

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