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Going to School

Being a student is stressful. Your banking shouldn’t be.

The world is changing fast—so why hasn't your bank? We think stuffy power suits and blind investments should be a thing of the past. Join us in challenging the traditional banking model by embracing one that aligns where you bank with what you believe in.

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The Student Pack

Everything you need to go from student loan debt to student loan done.

Between studying, exams, and the whole "being the future" thing, you'll have enough things to worry about at school. Funding your expenses shouldn't be one of them.



Are you attending full-time or part-time? We've got loans for every situation, so you can do your school your way. Prime rates and flexible repayment options available for student loan coverage through undergrad and beyond. 

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Credit Cards

Sign up for a No Fee MasterCard® so you can shop securely online and start building your credit. That means you can put your funds where they really need to go—not just into ramen noodles and caffeine.

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Student Chequing

Student under 22? We've got you covered with discounted chequing accounts. It's a safer way to bank, pay bills, and keep track of your finances.

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Starting to Save

Making saving, TFSAs, and investments simple.

With straightforward accounts, flexible plans, and ready advice from our team of financial advisors, taking the first step is easier than you think.


Savings Account

From short-term savings to long-term investments, we offer straightforward savings accounts for every kind of saver. No hidden fees, just accounts that work.

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Combination Savings

Keep your money where you need it, when you need it—and keep it working for you when you don’t. Finally, a plan where the flexibility of a savings account meets the interest earning power of a term deposit.

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Tax-Free Savings

Skip the taxes, without heading to the Caymans. Our tax-free savings accounts allow you to invest without being taxed on your interest and investment earnings, and there are no tax consequences on withdrawals. Reward yourself for saving—it’s that easy.

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Money Management

Where do you want to go?

Do you dream of travelling the world, retiring early, or just getting out of your parent's house? Your goals are your business, but making sure you reach them is ours.

Our team of financial advisors has the knowledge and experience to help you make a plan to pay off debt and start budgeting for your future.


Managing Debt

Get the monkey off your back. Reducing debt is key to building credit and achieving your long-term goals. Find out how you can work towards a debt-free future.

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Budgeting Tips

Saving and managing your money doesn't have to be complicated. Discover practical advice for building and maintaining a budget that works for your lifestyle.

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Meet with a Financial Advisor

Get the most out of your money. Our team of financial experts are here to guide you and help you reach your financial goals faster.

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School's hard enough. Your finances shouldn't make it harder. At YNCU, you'll find options designed to set students up for success before, during, and after graduation.




Creating a budget that you’ll actually stick to is a life skill.  Learn to set goals, track your spending, and actually save with this guide to budgeting basics.