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Let’s reach your financial goals. Your future is worth it.

What you're saving for is your business. Making sure you tick off your financial goals is ours. From saving accounts to building a strategic investment portfolio - we can help you grow your worth and build your finances.

Invest with YNCU today.


Why invest with YNCU? That's easy.

Supporting Your Community
By keeping your money local, your deposits turn into investment and loan opportunities for local residents and small businesses in the communities we serve. 

Competitive Rates
Secure a great rate and start earning from day one.

Investing Done Right
A variety of terms and options to suit short and long-term investment needs.

Safe & Secure
Unlimited Deposit Insurance for Registered Investment Plans through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA).


Tax Free Savings

Because no one wants to pay more taxes.

Term Deposits

Money can’t buy happiness. But it can accrue it.

Combination Savings

There when you need it. Growing when you don't.

Responsible Investments

Isn’t it about time you rethink where you’re investing your money?


Save for the future. Tax free.


Save for their education and prepare for tomorrow, today.


Teach your old money new tricks. Convert your RRSP into an RRIF.

Class A Shares

Your chance to own a (bigger) piece of your credit union.

Deposit Insurance

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) deposit insurance program ensures the safety of Ontario’s credit unions and caisses populaires by providing comprehensive and reliable insurance for all eligible deposits - automatically. The best part? There’s no charge to you since each credit union is legally required to be insured by FSRA, and they pay for coverage through their insurance premiums, so they pass the safety (rather than the cost) on to you.

Protecting your financial future is of utmost importance, so FSRA’s maximum coverage for insurable deposits is $250,000 (principal, interest, and total deposits in all branches combined for unregistered accounts) and unlimited for registered accounts! That’s a lot higher than your average bank at just $100,000.


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