About Us

Who are we?

We’re a straight-talking financial partner who understands the real trials and financial realities of our members' lives today. We’re the kind of partner who would rather use our profits to fuel local growth than let them leave the communities we belong to. We’re the kind of ally that kicks ‘cookie cutter’ solutions to the curb to lay out personalized solutions that actually meet your needs. We’re all about being a good neighbour.

Our Story?

Today’s YNCU is the result of many mergers over the years with credit unions whose histories stretch back to the 1940s.

In Waterloo Region, the St. Louis Parish Credit Union began in a church hall in 1947. The purpose of the organization was to “promote thrift among its members and provide loans for provident and productive purposes.” After the first year, the credit union had 440 members and $41,881 in shares. Historical documents show consistent growth, resulting in the need to purchase a business phone, a 13-column adding machine, and a typewriter in 1954.

By 1957, the first of several changes happened, allowing more people to bank the credit union way, and launching a history of partnerships. Thirty small credit unions, from factories to the hospital to civic employees, joined over the years until 2004 when Waterloo Regional and Brantford Community came together as Grand River Credit Union. Similarly in Brantford and Paris, credit unions that began on factory floors, like Massey-Harris, Spalding and Levi Strauss, grew to welcome the surrounding community. 

A merger with Your Neighbourhood Credit Union in Windsor and LaSalle in 2007, a former teachers’ credit union, introduced a new name to the organization. Mitchell & District Credit Union joined in 2008, bringing a significant agricultural community to the fold. A fixture of the community in Woodstock, Standard Tube Employees’ Credit Union, joined in 2009 followed by Fiberglas Employees (Guelph) in 2010.

Boomerang Credit Union, formerly London Civic Employees, joined in 2013, and CN Employees London followed shortly thereafter in 2014. Most recently, YNCU expanded our geographic footprint by extending the neighbourhood to northern Ontario with the merger in 2016 with Community First Credit Union, based in Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins.

Our Mission

Building sustainable relationships within our community that include DIVERSITY, SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL VALUES.

Our Purpose

Building financial well-being together.

Our Guiding Principles

Financially Thriving Organization Expand/Collapse

YNCU is financially strong and provides the services our members need. We foster growth enabling us to provide innovative services, attract talent and serve future generations.

Great Place to Work Expand/Collapse

YNCU has a culture that invests in people. We value staff and provide them with the training to perform at their best. 

Member-Centric Expand/Collapse

YNCU puts the member first. We build financial well-being together by aligning our principles and service offerings to the changing needs of membership.

Committed Community Partners Expand/Collapse

YNCU is committed to building better communities. We build community through education, investment, and volunteerism. 

Compelling Digital Experience Expand/Collapse

YNCU is constantly transforming our digital offering to meet evolving expectations and create an exceptional digital member experience. We offer products and services where and when they need it.

Environmental, Social & Governance Expand/Collapse

YNCU is environmentally responsible and socially conscious in our business decisions. We exercise sound and diverse governance in the operation of our credit union.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Expand/Collapse

YNCU is committed to providing an environment of inclusivity, acceptance, and awareness. We are working hard to create meaningful change and learning how to contribute positively to the conversation happening in our communities.


YNCU provides an environment of inclusivity, acceptance and awareness for our communities, staff, and members. YNCU cares about all of those in our community regardless of gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, or religious beliefs.

YNCU strives to be a diverse workplace reflective of the communities that we live in. We are committed to a diverse workforce and established a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion working group to help us deliver on our commitments.

Our goal is to ensure that each of our employees feel safe and happy to come to work each day, in an environment where they feel their differences are not only respected but celebrated by all. We are committed to working harder to create meaningful change in the workplace and learning how to contribute positively to the conversations happening in our communities.