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I want to start my business

We’re here to help your business thrive.

Getting your business off the ground is always easier with a partner, and you just found one. Like any good partner, we come in when you have questions and can offer advice that’s customized as you grow. Unlike the average partner, however, we have a stacked history of seamlessly getting businesses just like yours off the ground and thriving.

So relax. Together, we've got this.

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Where to Start

Your Business Partner

You can start a business in just four key steps. We told you it was easy.

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Plan your vision

Start with one of our dedicated business advisors. Bring your business plan, and we’ll help you iron out any kinks. We can also help you define your vision and set yourself up to achieve it.

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Get a financial snapshot

We have a lot of experience seeing the big financial picture. Seriously, a lot. We’ll go over where you’re at and give you tips and resources to close in on the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

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Get started with online banking tools today

Finally, we set you up with our full suite of small business tools, giving you customized support and access to real-time info on your finances and operations.

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Buy Local, Bank Local

We support local businesses because we're one too

You shop locally as much as you can, so why would shopping for a financial partner be any different?

When you sign up with YNCU, you’re keeping every dollar you earn in your community—supporting the places where you live and work every day.


Innovative Partners for Small Business

What if we told you we could fix all your problems?

As long as all your problems are related to banking for your business, we can.

When we’re signing you up for banking services, we look at your business as a whole to determine which products from our suite of services will be right for your needs. We build out customized product packages and give you access to tons of small business tools – all designed to save you time and money. What’s more, your package can grow and change as you do, so wherever your business goes, you know you’ve got the financial services to match.


Online Banking

Consolidate your accounts, allow users to view or initiate transactions, and automate dual signature approvals anywhere, anytime.

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Merchant Services

Processing payments made easy. Powered by Payfirma, take your pick from seven different PCI compliant payment solutions to meet your unique business requirements. With 24/7 support and free rate reviews, understanding your needs and getting started has never been easier.

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VISA for Business Credit Cards

A suite of cards to match your business style. Whether you’re interested in earning cash back, streamlining your expenses, or earning rewards for your company, it’s all possible with the right card.

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